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Definition of social conflicts (Brunno Rüttinger)

“Conflicts are situations of tension where two or more parties, who are dependent on each other, try to realise ways of thinking, of feeling or plans of acting, which are seeming to be or are really not compatible. The parties are aware of their opposition.”

Social conflicts were expressed in every sort of group (whether they are professional or private) and trigger fear, especially because they are connected with experiences of destruction or harm. It is often missed that social conflicts include the chance of a positive progress, when you deal with the conflict in a constructive way.

Uta Höhl-Spenceley TSTA

At the beginning of conflict counselling one of the problems is often that the parties have a tendency to involve the counsellor and experience him/her as biased when they do not share their frame of reference, so main focus is here to establish a trustful  working relationship, where everyone is accepted.

It is necessary to focus not only on the problems, instead the system needs to look to their resources, signs of positive aspects of their working or living together, recognize positive changes, becoming aware of where they are agree and different experiences and points of view are O.K. and accepted as equal.


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